Hey there sweetheart.

I sense today is a day to dig into some sensitive stuff. I totally understand that you may not be up for it, but really, you got nothing to loose. Just hol’ up and give me ear…

You have been on a life journey. Sometimes, like right now your path leading you into the wilderness — a certain point where you wish to, or even basically throw in the towel.

You sit down refusing to take any more steps or make any move because each move is so painful, excruciatingly painful. So much so, like Elijah in the good book you ask for death, you say it is enough, now, O Lord take away my life.

You have tried so painstakingly to do better than your fathers, to break the jinx, be the different one in all of the family.

To break the seemingly thriving ‘generational curse’.

You sit, lay down and even drift off into sleep wishing that would open the door to the other side where you can pass into peace eternal as you think ‘This struggle is just too hard…’

But alas, sleep is no remedy for this mind/life crushing dilemma you have found yourself.

My dear, I understand that keeping faith seems near impossible at this point, for a brief moment faith has even lost it’s meaning…to you.

Faith?…What is faith in the face of this great tribulation…my hopes have been dashed , constantly…my heart breaking…my life slipping away right before my eyes…and I am helpless.

Nothing I want is finding it’s way to me…Nothing I direly need is coming to me. Even my basic needs, basic daily necessities are not met!

You think like this because God knows you have tried all you know to do. You have tried your hands on many ventures, none is profitable…it has to be a curse you conclude.

Frustration has painted the picture of suicide or sudden death as the only solution, a solution you have slowly come to accept.

Pardon me to say I have good news for you, really good news. It’s a too good to be true news.

Wait for it……

God wants you to have all your needs met. He wants you to be satisfied and He wants you to enjoy it all too.

There’s absolutely nothing too good for you to have.

There’s nothing too big for God to do for you.

Yes! Nothing too big or too little for God to do for you.

The most exciting part of this news is that God CAN. He absolutely Can and WILL!

Take a close look at what God did for Elijah in 1Kings 19:5 as he lay asleep.

Even in your ‘sleep — mode’ God is thinking about you. Not just thinking but planning. Not just planning but making provisions ready for you.

Some of the provisions will come as you sleep, some provisions will come just as you need them, others will come ever before the need arises, but they will come for sure. God is never late.

That’s the way God works.

Some provisions are made as raw materials that you would have to work at turning into the finished products desired. Others as bits and pieces of goodies here and there to be put together.

At other times God shocks you by giving you ‘ready — made’ provisions.

1 Kings 19:6 (AMP) “…and behold there was a cake baked on the coals and a bottle of water at his head…”

Now isn’t that just awesome? God got flour, sugar, butter, mixed up a fine batter and baked Elijah a cake on the coals! Caring God.

He loves you so much, sometimes He gets his angels to do all the work and just hand you the finished products, the ‘ready — made’!

Dare to bare your needs to Jesus.

Bare it all, no shame, no reservations.

Dare to ask for ‘ready — made’ blessings from Him.

Look at this, to ensure that Elijah didn’t think someone passing by mistakenly dropped the cake right by his side, God made the angel bake him another…Hahaha 1 Kings 19:7

You can have your needs met over and over again. Don’t ever think “I asked him for so much before. He’ll be tired/fed up of my requests by now…I can’t possibly ask Him for so much again”

Lies of the devil.

He will meet your needs as many times over as it takes to get you comfortable and happy.

He will meet you at the point of your needs.

He will make every favor and earthly blessings come to you in abundance, so that you always…(Halleluyah) under all circumstances (amen) whatever the need (Glory to Jesus) — 2 Corinthians 9:8 (Paraphrase mine)

He fed Elijah again and the prophet was able to go forty days and nights in the strength of that meal.

1 Kings 19:8

God will give you provisions so much so that forty years and more you will enjoy them.

Provisions that will last and last a life time.

Provisions so much you will leave an inheritance for your children and their children after them.

That’s how blessed you will be Sugar. That’s how blessed God has made you.

Not wanting to be a kibitzer but I got to tell you to get up from your slumber with a jump — hope and faith rushing through you. Feeding on the promises of provisions already supplied for you in the word of God and declaring It’s mine…it’s mine…it’s all mine! I receive it…it’s all mine, halleluyah.

Dare to bare your needs dear friend…it’s the only way.

That beautiful house, it’s mine, I receive it.

Those bills all paid, it’s mine, I receive it.

That enviable marriage and happy home, it’s mine, I receive it.

I receive it all, thank you Jesus!

You will be the different one in the family.

You will bring them out of penury.

You will bring hope to people around you.

You will live in abundance.

You will be a channel of blessing too.

You will be just fine.

You will be just fine

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