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Work is so stressful! I can’t juggle to meet my deadlines! I have to work overtime today till 11pm!

And then came along this chill dude who dances his way through the raging stress with ease. “There is nothing to worry about!” He says. Yet at the same time, he seems to have little trouble in meeting his KPIs.

Yes, I am that chill dude. But no, I am not exceptionally intelligent, neither am I exceptionally adept in handling situations. I am in no way that special too! …

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As a kid, I grew up learning how certain things are good and certain things are bad, as defined by the culture I live in. My family upbringing, which in turn was heavily influenced by the culture we belong to would have predefined sets of values and virtues, classified clearly in the baskets of the good and the bad.

I was fed on these truths till I grew into as a socially myopic teen, a personality who had clear sense of right and wrong, based on the little knowledge I knew, and the day came when I was exposed fully…

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As humans, we rely a little too much to the mass media for the badly needed information. Many of us consider reading the news to be a good habit to get a grasp of the situation out there. And many media professionals too, would love to publish articles that are politically correct to avoid troubles, or at least, backed by a sound analysis of the situation. Except, the soundness of these articles have increasingly been filled with noise. Throughout the past 4 weeks, we witnessed many earnings reported by mega cap companies and we heard a lot of noise that…

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There are many ways a leader can lead, and there are many schools of thoughts that seek to categorize these leadership styles into several major types that can hopefully be taught to many of the younger generations who would one day, rise to take up the mantle of leadership in various organisations. All with the sole objective of fostering great leaders through education.

Certainly, education can teach us to be effective leaders, through proven methodology and processes, we can streamline many things at work, create potent standard operating procedures, and win respects from our teammates based on our expertise. …

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Simplification of life is slowly becoming an influential self development concept that promotes improvements in multiple areas of life.

We hear this everywhere from different guides and books that encourage us to simplify our lives. Decluttering! Freeing up more time for better purpose! Maintain checklists and daily routines to promote more efficiency and effectiveness! But are these really all that effective?

To a certain extent, I am a believer too. I simplify the most complex things in both my personal life and work. And I am ruthlessly effective in any tasks I set my mind to do. Imagine taking 1…

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As the V shape recovery quickly erased an epic chapter of a series of crash induced by the COVID-19. We reach another chapter today where the market reigns in glory even as the virus continues to dominate the economy.

This phenomenon though, is far from unjustified. Capital continues to pour into the market from the hands of retail investors as these consumers like us, find little better ways to spend our money. Afterall, most of entertainment joints were shut for a good couple of weeks.

In short, the basic concept of demand and supply is at full play here. And…

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Each of us live a unique life where we pursue different ideals and goals. Arguably, the trigger of happiness can be vastly different for every individual and even if the trigger seems similar, the intensity of happiness produced differs. Some of us derive happiness from simple things in life, some of us derive happiness from achieving a goal. Some of us derive happiness from both, but derive more of said happiness from achieving a goal.

That said, based on my observations, it seems that children are generally happier than adults. However, are these children born with a happier mindset? …

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The Covid-19 found its way into society a little too fast and it remains fast within many societies. Today, we are haunted by our inability to find a proper measure to counteract this invasion, and to a no small extent, political plays played the role of a caring mother well to the growth of this tumor within the societies.

Out of desperation, governments and authorities reacted quickly by injecting various stimuli to ensure the economy would not be stifled, or at least, to coax members of the economy into confidently spending amidst the precarious situation. …

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I am doing well in life! But I would like to be like that rich person!

I am sure he’s just lucky to be born into a rich family, I could be better off if I were him!

It is not my fault I am like this, the world is unfair!

We tell ourselves many things in life. Some of these things propel us to move forward in life, some of these things keep us rooted on the same spot for decades, some of these plainly destroy ourselves without realizing it.

And truly, as human, not only do we love…

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Often hailed as the instrument of prosperity across the world, globalization allows poorer countries to grow by committing their resources to meet demands of richer countries. Richer countries on the other hand, benefit greatly through obtaining the basic resources from these trading partners and focusing on more lucrative industries instead.

It was all fine, until Covid-19 stroke us few months ago. The world’s largest economy, the US, is hit hard. So much that many states authorities are desperately opening up the economy. …

Harche Lin

A business Consultant and an idealistic realist. Champion of free market and self development. And an enthusiastic observer on human psychology and behavior

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