Retrofit Double Glazing vs. Secondary Glazing: What Should You Choose

Are you a new homeowner in Melbourne? Or are you thinking of home improvement anytime soon? Whichever the case may be, you must be thinking a lot about your home interior as well as exterior, right? But have you thought about your windows? If you are wondering why I am stressing about the windows, then I must tell you that our home windows serve various purposes. That is why you must think of your windows, specifically about the type you are choosing. There are surely two great options that you can choose from, retrofit double glazing and secondary glazing.

Are you wondering which one you should choose between secondary glazing and retrofit double glazing Melbourne? If yes, then you must know what these types of windows are. Take a look at the following points.

Retrofit Double glazing Windows

Double glazed windows are made of two sheets of glasses with an air space in between. This window provides better insulation as well as better thermal control.

Secondary Glazing Windows

Secondary glazed windows are those where the two glass sheets are pasted together, without any space in between. It is basically a process of installing one sheet of glass on the existing window. Generally, these windows are a temporary measure for many homeowners.

If you are still confused about which one to choose, then take a look at the following points to know about the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of windows.


Secondary glazing is cheaper than double glazing. Given their temporary nature, it is obvious that if you opt for secondary glazing, it will burn a smaller hole in your pocket. However, if you are thinking about future and what will be better for a long time, then opt for double glazed windows. It will be a wise investment for you as a homeowner. Moreover, the window will last longer than the secondary glazed ones.

Thermal Control

It is necessary for you to make sure that your windows provide you with better thermal control in your home. Obviously, you want to make sure that during winter your window glasses prevent you from the biting cold wind from outside while in summer, the window prevents the heat waves from coming in the room and keep the environment comfortable. In this case, going to double glazing companies in Melbourne will be a better choice for you. It will help you to ensure more thermal control than the secondary glazing in the room.

DIY vs. Hiring Professional

If you are opting for secondary glazed windows, then you can do it yourself. You won’t need any professional help as well as any kind of special training for the installation. But when it comes to double glazing windows, you will need the help of professional installers as they know about the size and depth of the glass sheets and how much gap should be there in between. But when you are opting for double glazed windows, it will provide you with more longevity than secondary glazed ones.

So, now as you know the difference between these two types of windows and why retrofit double glazed ones are clear winners, what are you waiting for? Choose a reliable installer and get retrofit double glazed windows for your home.

Author Bio: Henry Lee is a famous home improvement blogger and associated with some reputed double glazing companies Melbourne. Here, he talks about retrofit double glazing and secondary glazing windows in Melbourne. Read his article before getting double glazed windows retrofit for your purpose.

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