The only valid argument against full-time employment in this entire article is the possibility of…

This is quite a good dialogue. However, my daughter-in-law works for Costco, and while they hire full time people and the benefits are good, they also hire tons of contractors, especially seasonally. My son was hired seasonally, laid off, told he would be called to go back full time, and never was. They said they loved him, but they’re not expanding and they didn’t have a spot for him.

The era of full time employment was a relatively brief period throughout history, and one in which a manufacturing economy was growing. Now all that has changed. We’re growing at 2.5%, not 4 or 5%. This is structural.

Many coders do work as contractors and do provide their own security, their own laptops, and their own backups.

While unions can help working conditions, they can’t change underlying structural economics, which are the global universe, the availability of educated people in other countries, and the very slow growth of the American economy. The kind of work we do now can be taken to the worker, which means we are no longer looking at just a national work force.

We live in a much less secure world now than our parents did, and that’s a shame. But the playing field has been leveled, and all the people in other countries who have always been insecure will overtake us if we simply resist the changes.

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