Silicon Valley Has A “Problem” Problem
Riva-Melissa Tez

We already know how out of touch you are in the Bay Area. In Arizona, where we know we are running out of water and the desert is close at hand, we are trying to solve problems like renewable energy, fuel from biomass, and water purification with algae. We believe in climate change, while in Silicon Valley the investors have largely moved on to the world of — as you correctly point out — conveniencing billionaires. That’s why I am no longer truly interested in Silicon Valley’s version of innovation. Virtual Reality is nice but not necessary. Anything where we already have a technology that doesn’t have a mass use case falls into that category.

Addressing the water levels in Lake Powell and on the Colorado River (which also gives California its water) is necessary, although it may not seem as “nice.”

And that’s just in the US. In India women carry 50-lb jugs of water on their heads twice a day for miles just to have fresh water. Comparing a solution to this problem to Blue Apron is just bullshit.

Oh, and health care? Universal access to good nutrition, disease prevention, and emergency care are problems. Cars that need to be relieved of their drivers are not a problem.

How did we get so far away from the basics? The basics being food, clothing and shelter. These become increasingly unaffordable to the average family as frictionless lives are available to the few. I feel like young men (and it’s mostly young, white men) in Silicon Valley are jerking off to VR pictures of self-driving cares while the rest of the world heads off a cliff.

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