Glad I don’t Live in Houston..

After Last Falls Wild Fires here in the Smoky’s and getting involved with one of the disaster recovery centers I can only imagine the scale of crazy that is to come for Houston. I spent many days unloading box trucks from all over the county with donations of all kinds. The task of just sorting and distributing all of it was a task that we rarely had the volunteers to deal with all the volume. The Gatlinburg Wildfire event was a devastating event for this community but the scale of difference to this Hurricane Harvey, we lost several thousand structures and 14 lives. Thousands of people with no home to go back to. I fear that this event will be many times the the problems our community had, and still has 10 months later. one thing i can ask of all those that wish to help and donate to this disaster and any future one , PLEASE do not just empty your garage of stuff you haven't needed in ten years, they don’t need that. send MONEY then they can buy what is needed at any given time. believe me the need changes minute by minute. The country came together to help us get through the Gatlinburg Wildfires, and I know the nations hearts are there for Houston. Think before you donate, will it help the situation or just get in the way!!