I go click on a shutter button, not pound keys!

image from Hard Candy Photos Liza https://tinyurl.com/ycuh92bm

My better half (https://medium.com/@michellemonet) works very hard on her books the last one has taken over a year for her to get it done. I however decided to start putting my photography in to books, and it takes me about three full working days to put together a book. BUT………. it took me years to photograph all the images in the books!!

Image from the next book I should have done in the next week Hard Candy Photos, BamBam

There is plenty of fun spirited teasing in our house on many things, even coffee! We have a very hard working Keurig coffee maker. I digress as I sip more of my third cup. Back to the point of how hard work it is to put a book together and publish. Yes it is hard work even if you don’t put a lot of words down on paper or E paper.

Back cover of my book https://tinyurl.com/ycuh92bm

118 ish is how many words are in my last book if I can count, and many of them are 1 fricken letter I, A, or two letter words, IS, ME, etc LOL. Oh ya im a man of many words….. NOT

one more from in progress book

Now back to work combing through 3500 images of BamBam to find the few or 200 to go in this next book. That process takes some time! This will really torque Michelle off I made an Amazon Author page https://www.amazon.com/Bob-Clarke/e/B077WY68HN 
humm should I have a 4th cup of coffee???????

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