Why Don’t You

When it’s 2 am and my eyes are barely hanging on, I will still text you back.

When you talk about your day, I listen with all ears.

When we’re out at dinner, I only look at my phone to take stupid pictures of you so I can look back on them and smile.

When I talk about the future, I plan to have you in it.

When your family talks to me, I treat them just as I treat my family.

When you call to see what I’m doing, I pick up the phone immediately.

But when I’m breaking down at 2 am you’re nowhere to be found.

When I talk about my day, your mind always drifts to other things.

When we go to dinner, it’s like your phone is your date.

When you talk about the future, you only talk of yours not ours.

When my family is around, you seem more annoyed than anything.

When I call to see what you’re doing, you only pick up if you feel like it.

So tell me,

I give all my love and effort

so why don’t you

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