While preparing for an interview

In the process of knowing a wide range of current issues, I compromised on my depth of understanding a single issue

In the anxiety to finish off a large number of news articles, I compromised on grasping the value of even one article

In the desire to memorize a series of words and facts without grasping their meaning, I lose the capacity to recall them at will

In the habit of keeping all my chrome tabs open, I scatter my precious presence from the task I’m doing

In a hurry to type out this particular piece of writing, I am compromising on the moments I could sit and simply ‘see’ my thoughts and physical movements.


May I practice that witness state, by which I see my fingers type on the keyboard while I remain a witness to this beautiful movement of my fingers.

It’s a beautiful feeling now when everything is happening for the first time.

In a perfect writing down of my stream of consciousness, I feel satisfied that the text in the stanzas has come from past tense to NOW tense.

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