A Tsunami 
Bursting into colored window frames, a sinking sand in water.
A carefully constructed castle of dreams
And make-believe,
Built on a seashore with no foundation,
Only to be washed away by the morning wave.
A disaster waiting to happen, it was from the start.
A house built on shaky grounds 
Atop a hilly slope, 
Threatened by winds and sea waves
Years of hard work and heart crumble to dust.
Walls crack to pieces, in an instant.
Rose-colored glasses worne in pride now
Fall off to reveal the farce that is,
You and I.
Why didn’t I see it coming?
Maybe I believed too much
Maybe I leaned in just too close to the sun to be blinded by it’s lights, by you, your charms.
Maybe I hoped it wasn’t just an illusion 
But, I am the one that got away with a broken heart 
With nothing left but questions 
A toy soldier floating away with pieces of a broken castle. You can’t see his tears in a flood
But then, maybe it is better that way.

Henry Lyonga N
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