Hardhat encourages people to #CookItSimple during Iso with Steggles

Jun 17 · 2 min read
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Life in lockdown has given some people more time on their hands, and others just more on their plates. With work, school and home life becoming the one thing, many Australians have been seeking simpler, fuss-free meal solutions.

This behavioural insight lead Hardhat and their client Steggles Chicken to launch a timely social campaign reminding busy Australians to embrace the basics during Iso and #CookItSimple.

Rather than offering elaborate hard to pull-off recipes, we invited people to make the most of what’s in their fridges, pantries and freezers, and #CookItSimple with a series of punchy social posts. Just dish up and dig in, no more steps required.

Gabi Raison, Account Director at Hardhat said, “At times like these, we might have dreams of slow cooked foods, plated to perfection, but for a lot of us, the reality is very different. Whether you’re serving a bowl of chicken poppers to keep the kids quiet while you’re on a work call, or ending the day with a schnitty, you can count on Steggles to deliver quality chicken.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the team was limited in being able to go out and capture content so instead, we did exactly what the Steggles customers are doing and we cooked at our own homes. The footage was captured on smartphones and cameras, adding to the campaign feel of keeping it simple.

The campaign is live on Facebook and Instagram.

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