Discipline by Choice

From the day you knew what the word “Discipline” meant to the day you said, “Fuck Discipline, I know my way”, a lot of things changed which you didn’t really pay attention to.

When we start with our life as a student, teachers and head masters kept going on and on about what discipline is and how it shapes one’s life and choice. When we were young, we were fascinated of this concept. Many of us must have thrived to be more disciplined than the next. Discipline back then was about polished shoes and straight queues. Steady words and yes sir. As we kept growing, our seriousness towards discipline kept deteriorating. Ask why? Coz it kept coming in the way of growing up as an influenced individual. Those rules of discipline we had learnt back in days are still as gold as they used to be, it’s just us, who have taken up a different path and diverted our thoughts. Think why we left those golden rules behind and chose this exuberant chaos? Our lifestyle made us do so. When we were little, we had time for it all. Treat with courtesy, speak humbly and complete task in hand. As we grew up though, we kept getting repeated lessons of self doubt and comparison. That guy wears his tie loosely and looks so cool, I want to be like that. Using abusive language makes you look less dull, let’s do it. We all know how we shifted from being on the good side to the back side. Why did we do it must not be a surprise too. We underestimated our choices and ways to match with someone else’s choices and taste and what you get is lower self esteem and a spoiled brat.

Now with all this being said, what is it that I actually wanted to talk about? What do I mean by Discipline by Choice? Well, lately I have come to know that it was my choice to deviate from my core principals and choices that has brought upon me this cloud of turmoil. Procrastination, doubts, lethargy and what not. I did it all. Getting cozy in my own lazy world. Not anymore tough. It’s the ages old discipline that i am going to use to come back to life. I choose to follow discipline rather than just talk about it or read about it. Staying disciplined to your actions and methods has helped greatest and brightest of minds to change the world into what it is today. Well then, why not we do it too!

As it goes, let’s take an example of why discipline is needed and it should be a personal choice. You start strong, like you always do. You set up your to-do list. You make headway on a project.But then, insensibly, as the day wears on, you start slipping. By the next day, you’re back to your usual routine. Instead of going to the gym in the morning, you spend an hour in bed scrolling through Facebook on your phone. This is lack of discipline and not motivation. Lack of motivation would be not joining the gym on the first place. But since you have joined and are not going, it’s laziness and lack of discipline. So here, let me put it in simple words.

Discipline is not about following rules and norms, it’s about adhering to your decisions and going that extra mile.

Thank you.