Step back and reevaluate

This is my appeal to all those boys and girls who walk from company to company in search of jobs. I request you to stop for a moment. Take a deep breath and think what you are doing and why you are doing. Once you find answers to this two questions, ask this final question. Is this the only way?

India is not called the land of opportunities when it comes to having a career in job market. India is called a land of opportunities when it comes to starting a business. Big companies have established there plants and factories in India because this country has on of the biggest customer base, cheap resources and cheap labour. If people from other countries can realize this why can’t our own? Fear is what I think would be the most common reason if you ask them all. No they won’t answer with the word fear straight forward. They will tell you all kind of excuses about how they lack capital and experience. How they don’t think there isn’t the idea. Tell them, bill gates didn’t have experience when he started Microsoft or Mahatma Gandhi didn’t have experience with starting revolutions when he helped India become a free country. Experience is something you gain by doing something you have never done before.

Today you all are standing in an ever growing queue which doesn’t only keep growing behind you but also has openings from various sides and angles which keeps on pushing you backwards every time you take a step forward. What’s the sense in running in a race which never ends? Sense will be in starting a new race where you decide the rules and help more people reach the end mark with you reaching there too.

I know what you feel. I have been there. Done that. Still doing it. But I plan to change. I plan to take actions rather than sit in a bar with two or three of my friends who are as fucked in brain as me and expect me to come up with a solution. I expected the same from them and this way the cycle never stopped. Make a decision. Make a choice and stick to it no matter what.

You see this picture? What does it make you think of? If it makes you think of making a wrong decision of starting a company of your own or going ahead and studying that one subject you always wanted to, then do it.

Make that wrong decision and separate yourself from this snake which is going to shed its skin one day as that’s what it’s supposed to do to stay alive. Believe in yourself and your idea. This people whom you read about in newspapers and blogs on entrepreneurship are no different than you. They started from the same place you are today. Most of them were stuck in this same queue you are in today. They made a decision based on their choice. That’s the only difference. Rest all is hard work and determination.

Have you wondered why they always end up writing “Rest is History" after coming to the part where you expect to read the process or way one took to reach this mark in their career? They don’t write about it because the way they used is history now. You got to find and make your own way. Take an example if you like. Pokémon Go. How do you find new Pokémon? Do you read articles about it or do you go around looking for one? That’s all there is to learn from the game if you ask me. Just go about doing it.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. — Lao Tzu

Ready to take that first step?