Hardik Mangukiya
Oct 3 · 1 min read

Michael, that’s why I study every article you publish. I learn and apply everything that fits into my voice. You are totally different than me but I love your stories. I love your points and different distinctions of subject. Basically, I have been through change in my life and went into adversaries. I can help those people who have same problems. I am obsessed with some topics such as happiness, mindfulness, change, emotional management and so on. Blog in the self improvement industry is not only helps to make money but it changes you. That’s why I write, read and narrate what I love and experiences I have been through. I never reinvent the wheel because you guys have done it. I have to follow what’s working and reject what’s not. Thanks. I appreciate you helped me with words and blog.

Hardik Mangukiya

Written by

Big believer in Positive Psychology, and helping you to create thriving and happier life from the heart.

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