Hardik Mangukiya
Oct 3 · 1 min read

That’s why I left that group. In last three months, I focused on successful writers and changed my entire stretegy. I wasted my first two months fearing about Medium because of MPPF. After that I read hateful post against women and I left that group. I didn’t like that someone who can speak anything about gender and success. I followed Michael Thompson, Darius Foroux, Anthony Moore, Ayodeji Awosika, and some other successful writers. My entire thinking and writing method has transformed. I realized that they actually deserve the level. Why they are great is because they actually write something that touches hearts, not some random biased ideas that have no value. I willingly clap 50 for each of their stories because it’s deserves 500 claps. (Suppose Medium allows me to do so) Follow the already successful people and you will set your mind for success. And follow bad ones and you will set yourself for failures. Successful writers don’t feel jealous for you. Two days ago, I asked Darius Foroux that I am stealing your style and I really love your work. He replied that’s great stretegy at start. You can only learn by copying others! Who can give the freedom to use his voice and style who have 140k+ following. I think no one. But he did. This is the sign of great heart. I loved the another approach of Leo at zenhabits.net. he has page of uncopyright of his entire blog content. It’s strong heart that created his life within his control. Thanks Shannon, speaking against the fools.

Hardik Mangukiya

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Big believer in Positive Psychology, and helping you to create thriving and happier life from the heart.

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