Brexit — a reality check for optimists

Making the European Union work is a very big challenge. But, the challenge like voting to stay in the EU had the potential to make sure we, as a humanity, leap forward to the next stage of globalization, the next stage of collaboration and one step closer to eliminating boundaries. European union could have been a model for latin america or parts of Africa or many asian regions to follow. Relatively hassle free movement has tremendously helped many of the european countries. Many industries and research institutes have benefited from this.

To put this in financial terms, the liquidity of the european talent pool has helped many european countries adjust to the demand and supply better.

For optimists like me, brexit has been a bit of reality check.

  • In the face of this event, many people are debating the characteristics of democracy. For example — this hacker news discussion. One thing I learned is that the social inequality (along with the economic inequality) can be a big factor in making democracies work. And this applies across age distributions as well. This argument regarding social inequality has had many parallels in many of the Indian Elections where some states have repeatedly elected corrupt and impotent governments. A similar scenario is being played out in the case of Republican Party nominee for the 2016 US elections.

Another reality check for optimists is that this world is neither an utopia, nor is it headed towards one. We, as defined by the majority of population, are almost the same as what we used to be thousands of years ago. Our evolution as the human species has been slow.

P.S. — Such events always offer trading opportunities. And it’s important to not mix the optimism there.