The evil side of ads: How they kill your site?

If you are thinking about adding more ads in your website to earn more money, that is really not a good idea. Ads on your website, on one hand can bag you money, but indirectly, they are hitting on your SEO. Too many ads can slow down your speed and decrease the desired traffic that you always wanted your site to have.

Big Numbers can work against you

The more ads your webmaster puts into your website, the heavy it becomes to load. While you will make money through these ads, the ads will pull down the overall speed of the website making it heavy. The speed falls rapidly with the increase in the resource calls, excessive scripting, and uncompressed image downloads.

Google AdSense will not count your website

Google AdSense came up with new set of rules that says that they will now be looking for pages that contained more content than ads. Its better to be prepared and prioritize on the content than the ads on your website now. It is therefore best suggested to balance the number of ads that appear on the website as this can threaten your Google Page Rank.

Make it easy for the Web Spiders

The web spiders do not like when they have to work extra hard to get to your site. The Google web spiders automatically puts you down on the search list if your page contains extra ads. These ads not only makes your website slow to load, they also works as obstacles for these spiders. The primary mission of these crawlers is to scan the content on the website skipping the ads.

Avoid the Videos

There are many website that shows video ads- with sound, without sound, with auto play feature, and without auto play feature. Although these webpages looks interesting and eye catching, videos that play automatically reduce the speed of your webpage. Also, some people avoid pages that contains too many video ads. Therefore, it is better to remove any video ads if your web page have some.

Other bad Site Practices

Other bad website practices such as ads that can make your website too slow to load, the ones that blocks your content, heavy ad designs, etc. are some of the practices that makes people avoid visiting your website and ultimately causing fall in your business. Such ads should be immediately removed to optimize your business website or blogging website so that it earns business value that it deserves.

Although there may be several other factors that can save your website from the evil side effects of ads. This proves that although ads can generate you revenue, they can also block you reaching high ranks in terms of SEO and valid traffic rates. Therefore, a wise selection of ads, their quantity and their credibility greatly affects your business website. These are the best practices that could help to make your page rank higher improving your SEO.