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1>Step well to store water in an arid region.
2>Step well is a place for travellers to stop by during their long journeys.


King Rana Veer Singh started construction of “Adalaj Vav”.During the construction king Mehmud Begada started war against Rana Veer Singh.Unfortunatelly,Rana Veer Singh died in the war.

King Mehmud pruposed Rana Veer Singh’s wife Rani Roopba for marriedge.Rani Roopba pruposed condition of completing the remaining work of step well ”Adalaj Vav”.

King Mehmud then completed all work of “Adalaj Vav” and on another end as step well completely constructed ,Rani Roopba commited suicide.


This is the only step well in entire Gujarat that has three entrance stairs.
The Adalaj Step Well is popular for its architecture, which is a harmonious blend of intricate Islamic floral patterns, which seamlessly fuse into Hindu and Jain motifs symbolising the cultural ethos of that era.


Adalaj step well is situated in a place called Adalaj about 18 kms from the north of Ahmadabad city and about 5 kms from the capital city of Gandhinagar.

Stepwell’s in Gujarat:-

1>Rani ni vav in Patan.
2>Vidyadhar ni vav in Vadodara.
3>Dada Hari ni vav and Mata Bhawani ni vav.

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