Delhi pollution and Aarvind Kejriwal

Pollution in delhi

Real Issue

Last year, a study by the World Health Organisation found that Delhi had the dirtiest atmosphere of 1,600 cities around the world for PM2.5 particles.

Delhi city suffers from a “toxic blend of geography,growth,poor energy sources and unfavourable weather that boosts its dangereously high levels of air pollution” according to the study.

Delhi high court criticized the living condition in capital and that’s why delhi goverment led by Arvind kejriwal had taken a experimentery decision on air pollution.

Goverment Decision

Vehicles with licence plates ending in odd numbers will be allowed to ply one day, followed by those with even numbers the following day

The Delhi government is also considering allowing trucks into the city only after 11pm.


The move will affect an estimated 8.4 million vehicles — 2.8 million cars and 5.6 million motorcycles and scooters — registered in Delhi.

Environmentalists praised the move and said people who have been complaining about severe pollution in the capital should support the decision, which they said was long overdue.

When restrictions are placed on such a large scale, their implementation becomes a massive challenge. In India, it could also lead to large-scale corruption and harassment by those who will have the powers to implement the new measures. Kejriwal will have to ensure that less traffic on roads doesn’t automatically lead to more money for corrupt traffic cops.

Centeral goverment ministers Remarks

As far as Delhi’s air pollution is concerned, we recognize that the situation is serious. But as we all know, air pollution is a global problem in many cities the world over, and in Delhi, air quality is going from bad to worse for the last 10 years,” environment minister -Prakash Javadekar

The government will soon come out with an integrated policy to scrap commercial vehicles that are over 10 years old to check rising pollution-Nitin Gadkari