Zen Cafe-Safe and Cheap

Zen Cafe the safest and cheap cafe at satellite near ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization) in Ahmedabad.

Young school girls are discussing and working for homeworks regarding their internation school @Zen Cafe

Professional girl is working for their IT job having laptop in one hand and tea in another hand @Zen Cafe

Young colledge girls are having their morning breakfast and whatsapp chat in mobile @Zen Cafe.

Housewifes are having good fun with discussing about starting topic on future of theire children to safety of women in india last with Narendra Modi and it’s goverment @Zen Cafe.

Boys are reading books,novels and whatsapp with their contacts to IT Professional man working with laptop @Zen Cafe.

Married couple having talk,fun,tea with breakfast @Zen Cafe.

Group of boys and girls having fun with dashing talk with humuor @Zen Cafe.

Zen Cafe have timmings of 11.00 AM to 11.00 PM ,serving hot tea and delicious breakfast ,beautiful interrior ,good furniture,security for women.

Zen Cafe @Best.

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