What is a Car Spoiler and What Does It Do?

Many different types of vehicles, from sports cars to monster trucks, carry spoilers on them. Spoilers can be of different kinds and can be installed in varied sections of the vehicle. Most cars have spoilers as they play an important role in ensuring the safety and enhancing the performance of the vehicle. Spoilers help in increasing the grip of the vehicle on the road.

The Importance of Vehicle Grip on the Road

Without spoilers, the only thing keeping the tires of a car planted on the pavement is the vehicle’s own weight. Therefore, car spoilers are installed to ensure that the grip of a car on the road remains constant, regardless of the weight of the vehicle. In a car that doesn’t have spoilers, the only way to improve the grip of a car without spoilers would be by significantly enhancing the weight of the car or by changing the material or compound of which the tires are made.

Increasing the weight of the vehicle, however, has two major drawbacks. The first is that it reduces fuel efficiency by a significant margin. Secondly, increasing the weight doesn’t improve the car’s grip during turns, which is when the driver really requires a good grip to prevent accidents. The extra weight might provide a better grip on a straight road, however, it also creates inertia which must be overcome in order to turn the vehicle, making the job of the driver even harder. Adding spoiler to the car can easily prevent this from happening.

The Role of the Car Spoiler

The car spoiler, on the other hand, works like the wings of an airplane — only it is upside down. This is to say that the spoiler works by exerting something known as the ‘downforce’ on the body of the vehicle wherein it is installed. The advantages of car spoilers are many and varied. The main benefit of investing in a car spoiler for sale is that it prevents you from having to buy a heavy car which is incredibly slow and guzzles on fuel.

Alternatively, you also do not have to rely on a light vehicle that might slide away too easily. With a car spoiler installed, you can own a car that can travel fast and has excellent grip. Therefore, high-performance vehicles and sports cars always have one or more car spoilers installed, so that they can glide smoothly past corners and take turns easily, without causing a significant reduction in speed.

Reasons to Install a Spoiler on Your Car

So, if you are yet to be convinced of the benefits of having a spoiler on your car, you can go through the following points to learn more about the advantages and get an in-depth understanding of the role of a car spoiler.

1.Increased Fuel Efficiency

The fascia and the dams found on the front portion of a vehicle are also variants and forms of spoilers. These items play an indispensable role in improving the airflow of the car. Thus, the head on wind is efficiently directed over, under, and around the hood of the car. This, along with the reduced weight, allows the vehicle to expend much less energy in order to propel itself forward on the road. This, in turn, results in greater fuel efficiency as the car now needs much less fuel in order to move at the required speed.

2.Improved Traction

This is the main purpose of a car spoiler. Spoilers help improve the downforce of a vehicle, thus enabling it to have a better grip on the road while traveling at great speeds. This is particularly important in the case of high-performance sports cars which are designed to travel at extraordinary speeds. Due to their high speed and aerodynamic structure, sports vehicles often experience a certain amount of ‘lift’ when they are moving at top speeds.

This can be dangerous as it can make the car feel as if it is veering off the road. At such times, the spoiler plays a vital role in ensuring safety by ‘catching’ the airflow and exerting greater down-force on the vehicle. This process automatically improves traction and allows the car to grip the roadway in a more secure fashion.

3.Aesthetics and Visibility

Installing aftermarket car spoilers also improve the aesthetics of a vehicle, giving it a chic and modern edge. Additionally, they also have a significant role to play when it comes to enhancing the visibility of the vehicle. Spoilers, particularly, enhance the visibility of the rear side of a vehicle, making the rear end more prominent. This ensures that cars approaching from behind will be able to clearly see the vehicle which has a spoiler installed. If cars approaching from behind can see the vehicle ahead of them more clearly, the chances of an accident are significantly reduced.

In Conclusion

These are some of the major reasons why you must install a car spoiler on your vehicle. Installing aftermarket car spoilers will not only help you improve the performance of your vehicle but will also assist you in enhancing the safety of passengers in the car.