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The bar is high and time is of the essence. Increased urbanisation, divesting of our fossil fuel reliance and improving quality of life for all citizens are urgent concerns for both governments and business. Hardt is clear in its ambitions to help address these issues by making Hyperloop efficient, sustainable, and accessible for as many people as possible. To reach its goal the company wants to start full high-speed testing as soon as 2021, and to do that it needs stakeholders as versatile, innovative and ambitious as Hardt is.

Hans Greve, is Managing Director Mining & Tunnelling at Royal IHC…

“Heading to the French city of love for lunch, before being home on time to tuck into mother’s traditional home fare.”

It’s one of today’s most popular innovations, as well as being a firm favourite in discussions about the future. The hyperloop has been making a lot of noise, perhaps due to the involvement of well-respected visionaries such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson, but primarily because when distance no longer plays a role of any importance, an endless series of new opportunities lies in wait.

A quick lunch in Paris…

In the Netherlands, the romantic idea of a super-fast connection between Amsterdam and Paris…

Air travel is under fire. Last month, environmental organisations demonstrated against aviation in various Dutch cities, and there’s a growing public call for flying to be made considerably more expensive by levying VAT or climate taxes on air tickets and charging excise duty on kerosene. In addition, there is an increasing demand for better and faster high-speed rail networks. Even KLM boss Pieter Elberts would like to see rail travel competing more effectively with air travel over short distances. And rightly so. The number of flight movements continues to increase, particularly over short distances, and emissions are rising correspondingly.

Hardt hyperloop render.


Hardt Hyperloop

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