Why LED Light Kits For RC Airplanes Are Extremely Important

Many manufacturers in California have devoted their top class expertise in selling LED position and landing lights due to its reliability and long service life, probably more than the aircraft itself.

LEDs are semiconductors, basically a diode with a small forward current flow, which emits visible light in a different range of colors. Their potential is enormous as a replacement for the incandescent light bulb from the past.

We are going to take a look on how this revolutionary semiconductor is used as a source of light in an aircraft, where energy can be saved and enjoyed too. 
Lights that provides Full visibility Outdoors

These lights are usually installed on the nose gear strut and/or each wing. With the help of these LED light kits, the entire taxiway lights up at night so that pilot can find the runway swiftly.

Landing Lights:

Landing lights are usually mounted somewhere on the wings or underneath the fuselage. Landing lights are aimed so pilot can see the runway during takeoff and landing. When landing, they start lighting up the ground about 200 feet or so above the runway. Landing and taxi lights are extremely bright.

Avoids Collision:

There are a lot of airplanes flying around; especially near large cities. It’s important that pilots can see other aircraft in the sky and on the ground. To help them do this, all aircraft have anti-collision lights to make them easier to spot.

Colorful Position lights:

White position lights signify that aircraft is flying away and when pilots see a red and green light in the sky, he or she knows that another aircraft is heading towards theirs plane.The lights help them determine aircraft position and direction — thus the name “position lights.”

Twinkling lights:

Nothing attracts attention better than a super bright, flashing light. That’s why big RC airplanes have several of them. Red beacons are located on the top and bottom of the aircraft. Blinding white strobe lights are on the wingtips. The white wingtip strobes are what you see when you stare up into the night sky and see an airplane high overhead.

The LED lights mentioned above apparently make your flight go smoothly, avoiding hindrances and interruptions of all kinds. These LED lights help avoid accidents in the sky or ground. Thus, buying LED light kits for RC airplanes is not only advised but also considered as a cautionary measure.

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