The Unknown Aphrodite

Isit all possible? To be deeply connected to someone you have not even meet personally? First night, the moment that captured his attention is when she gives sound effects like “ge jing” “ge jing” or even “ge dem” “ge dem” to define a corgi arse jinggling. It certainly whirl his stomach and thoughts filled with laughter. Days pass and conversations gets more indepth. She slowly began to open up to him, her dark secrets and past. It may mean nothing to her or others, but to him its something important, because it means that he have gain her trust to a certain extend and he knows that it is his responsibility and duty not to break it. Above all he is still clueless to what he is in this part of her life.

She’s always in the clueless, lost, silly and goofy state. But that is not the only thing that captures his attention, knowing she’s been through so much in life and still keeping that cheerfulness up (at least thats what he thinks, despite not even seeing her but feeling it through sound waves from his speakers) It brightens his inner self as well.

As of now he knows nothing of what she is feeling towards him, friends maybe? or a ghostly figure? But what he knows is that she’s still breaking while she falls asleep, still haunted by the lovely memories, trying to pick herself back piece by piece. Needing more time. She didn’t mention it but he knows she'll been holding back for her ex lover, that might change his mind.

All he can do is to wait and hope that there’s a chance for him to love her like she’ll never felt the pain. Little does she know, he recognize the pain while she’s breaking. If there was ever a chance to let her know, he is trying to make it better piece by piece but it is only to a certain extend as of now as communicating through tecnology is unquestionably limited. And she’s not ready. Whats important is to help her grow and to get her back on her feet even if things didnt work out his way.

If there was ever a chance…… He’ll wait for the day they’ll be meeting and start from there.

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