It is entirely possible that I am just slow… I have been an NBA fan for nearly 30 years and I do…
Hardy Ulmet

Ok, so giving myself a tad bit of credit, I did sanity check myself. First off the Warriors will not shoot 45% from 3. All a big man would actually have to do is shoot nearly 60%. Is that easy? No. Is it doable by committing to the post? I think so against that lineup mentioned, especially if you just factor scoring on 60% of possessions as that is not exactly a rebounding force the Warriors would have on the floor.

I disagree that an extended or matchup 2–3 would be vulnerable to the Warriors, but that’s simply a matter of debate. In the NBA you try for 3’s from only a handful of spots… Curry tries from a million more, but the premise of the zone is to ensure maximum rebounds not stop their shooting.

Again, the best 3 point shooting display in history was the Charlotte Hornets in 1997. That was for a season sure, but it provides us a decent median for what can be expected night in night out from this Warriors team which is touted as the best shooting team ever. So the premise I put forward was, just let them shoot 3’s and focus on getting every rebound. Then on offense pound them in the post. That is their vulnerability without Bogut. They have no rim protectors.

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