Despite his protestations, Owen Jones has taken sides.
Kate Buffery

Thank you. Agree with all of this — nothing that Owen Jones said in his piece was new, useful or shed any light on a situation already much over-discussed. What it did was provide yet one more ‘look! We have a new friend’ chants for the waning forces of Owen Smith, but hey, let’s not let the obvious fallout ever detract from someone who wants to have a really, really good moan. 
We, meanwhile, who live outside the media bubbble and are not paid per click, per view, per word or even per moan, are endeavouring to find out what we can do, when weighed down by a sclerotic (at best) and antatognistic (at worst) party structure. 
We want to act. 
We want to be useful. 
We want to find out what we can do that will make a difference and as far as I can tell, Owen Jones think that delivering leaflets is the answer. Maybe it is, but I cannot help thinking that applying 20th century ideas to a 21st century problem is not the way forward and that there are almost certainly more effective things we can be doing.

Fortunately Paul Mason’s blog last night began to offer some answers. This offers more. Others have pointed out that we on the ground are organising coffee mornings, football matches, bike rides…. anything and everything that engages our local communities *and allows us to talk politics away from the media echo chamber*
Owen Jones needs to step out more. Maybe this will persuade him.

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