Performance test results of Fatty amide group

1. Decontamination performance

The decontamination ability of LAO was best, with the increase of the hydrophobic carbon chain length, and the performance of the amide oxidation of amine would decrease. The decontamination ability of LAO, CAO and C16AO is better than 6501 and C18AO, C18AO and 6501 of the decontamination force is similar.

2. Foam property

The initial bubble from high to low was: CAO > LAO > C16AO > C18AO = 6501. The foam stability of LAO, CAO, C16AO and C18AO was better than 6501. There is no direct relationship between the foam properties of the sample and the decontamination performance. Development of low foam and highly efficient decontamination products become one of the development trends of liquid detergent in the future.

3. Emulsifying property

Emulsifying power: C18AO > C16AO > 6501 > CAO > LAO. For amide amine oxide, the emulsifying properties will become better as the carbon chain being longer. But there is no direct relationship between the foam stability and emulsifying properties. Emulsifying capacity is related with the molecular structure of hydrophobic chain.

4. Wetting property

Wetting properties: 6501 > LAO > CAO > C16AO > C18AO. With the change of the carbon chain, the wetting property of the amide amine oxide is poor, and the wetting force is less than 6501.

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