Real-Time (one to one ) chat application using Ratchet — PHP WebSockets

Harendra Verma
Feb 25, 2019 · 2 min read

Today I am with a real-time chat application using PHP WebSockets. This application provides private chat with multiple users in real time.

Introduction to WebSockets

WebSockets is a bi-directional, full-duplex, persistent connection from a web browser to a server. Once a WebSocket connection is established the connection stays open until the client or server decides to close this connection. With this open connection, the client or server can send a message at any given time to the other. This makes web programming entirely event driven, not (just) user initiated. It is stateful. As well, at this time, a single running server application is aware of all connections, allowing you to communicate with any number of open connections at any given time.

To learn more click here

Real-Time (one to one )time chat application using Ratchet — PHP WebSockets


  1. Clone the repository from Github using — “git clone
  2. Place the cloned folder to your local server.
  3. Now open cmd in this in the cloned directory and run — “composer install”
  4. Then change directory to bin folder by — “cd bin”
  5. Stat-server by — “php chat-server.php”
  6. Now hit public folder of the project by your browser — “localhost/path_to_your_folder/public”
  7. Enjoy!





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