If the child is not breaking any laws or harming other children, then no, the parent does not have…
Rachel the Demon

However, the Bill is NOT about a school telling the parents their child is whatever. That is the made up — no part of the Bill has that in it, but the media has decided this is the better story (fake, made up fictional news). If the government wants to gather information on my child, I want to know what that information is. If it is they are gay, or that they have been given assessment tests, or that they have had psychological exams, then I as a parent have every right to know. And yes — some parents would be taken aback by news of their child being gay. But overwhelmingly most would be nonchalant and simply move on — who you want to have intimate relations with is about the least important thing to accomplish in a teenager’s life. Good grades, volunteer, music, travel, fun — these are what make a person.

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