Feeling Good


If you had an option to feel good every time, would you use it? In “The Brave New World” of Aldous Huxley people had such an option. That world has a drug named soma. Just pop a soma pill and you will feel good no matter what. You won’t puke or have a hangover, even if you take too much of it. It won’t damage your liver and won’t give you lung cancer. It isn’t addictive in the sense that it won’t make your body or brain depend on it. It is a perfect drug. Will you use it? Of course, you will take it when you would have fractured your leg. You will also take it when you will flunk a test. But will you take it on the death of someone close? Will you take it when your freedoms are being taken away or when children are being sold? I don’t want any of us to mourn all day. But when good things should make us feel good, shouldn’t terrible things make us feel at least a little bad? Do we really need to be happy every damn time?

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