Free Markets

A few hundred meters away from the place where I live in Delhi, this is a free market.

There are large numbers of buyers,

and there are large numbers of sellers who are essentially selling the same goods.

20 rupay ka ek kilo

If don’t you feel the feel the price is right you can negotiate,

Bhaiya 30 rupay mei do kilo dena

often you can reach an agreement

chalo ye lo paise

sometimes you don’t, however he is not the only one.

chutiya samzha hai kya

That’s how buyers get their best deal.

A happy customer :)

Then there are non free markets.

Either there are very few numbers of sellers.

Sometimes they sell names instead of goods.

And sometimes they don’t allow others to sell what they sell.

Nothing is negotiable it is my way or the highway

no bhaiya to listen to “100 ka do kilo doge”

Sellers accumulate too much wealth

and others are left only to protest.

Occupy the Wall Street