Happy Mothers Day

“We’re all born with selfish desires, so we can all relate to those feelings in others. But kindness is something made individually by each person…so it’s easy to misunderstand when others are trying to be kind to you.” -Kyoko Honda

Tohru’s photo of Kyoko

Alright, I wasn’t going to do it, but I realized I have to or else I would regret it. I wanted to write about my favorite anime/manga mom, Kyoko Honda. I’ve tried to keep spoilers out as much as possible while still giving backstory but read at your own risk!! Also please read/watch Fruits basket its a beautiful story.

Kyoko Honda is the mother of Tohru in the series Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya. This is one of my favorite series of all time, its a series I grew up with, reading the first volume when I was 12 and the last one at the age of 16 (thanks mom for all the times you took me to Barnes & Noble and bought me the new volume, I love you sosososo much~).

Kyoko had a rough childhood, she grew up in a cold household and never received much attention from her parents. She was rebellious and wild, in a gang, and would often get into fist fights. Ultimately, all she wanted was attention and nurturing from her parents, which is why she acted out so much.

She meets Tohru’s dad, Katsuya, and he shows her the wonders of a caring and nurturing relationship. He can see why she is acting out, and is the first person to reach out, and talk to her about it. Kyoko’s parents decide to DISOWN her because it is too much trouble for them and Katsuya asks her to marry him.

After Kyoko gives birth to their daughter Tohru, Katsuya goes on a business trip and he dies from pneumonia. The death of her husband causes Kyoko to fall into a deep depression.

She goes into a shocked trance, and forgets about everything, including her young daughter, Tohru. She seems empty and hollow, until she has a breakthrough and comes home one day, realizing she hadn’t been taking care of Tohru properly. Kyoko then aims to be the best single mother she can, to always smile, be optimistic and provide Tohru with what she needed.

And she did just that, she worked hard to support Tohru as a single parent and provide her enough love to make up for absence of Katsuya. At the start of Tohru’s 1st year in high school, Kyoko passes away due to a fatal car crash. Her last moments she thinks of her daughter, hoping that she provided enough love and care for her.

Despite the lack of love Kyoko received when she was growing up, she was an amazing mother to Tohru and shaped her into such a beautiful young lady, who went on to help so many others in the Fruits Basket series. Here’s to you Kyoko, happy mothers day ❤