The best defence against disease is building your body’s immunity

It is common for people to have fever during the change of seasons and especially when it is raining. Fever or high temperature may be the most common illness. Fever by itself cannot be classified as a disease. It is a response of our immune system towards an underlying cause, most often an infection.

Our body is exposed to several infectious microbes every day but most of them are incapable of creating an illness as our immune system nullifies them. Communicable diseases reach its peak during the change of seasons and rainy season as the body immunity is at it’s weakest.

The major challenge in prevention of these diseases is that the micro-organisms (bacteria and virus) evolve themselves from time to time. Any targeted prevention methodology would be obsolete in a few months. The most efficient way to neutralize pathogens (virus and bacteria) is by strengthening our body’s general immune system.

Ayurveda has solutions to boost your immune system through use of herbs like Tinospora (Gudichi), Ocimum sactum (Tulsi), Andrographis (Nilavembu) etc. These herbs are formulated into tablets prevent and manage flu and its symptoms. The tablets also contain Anti-pyretic and Anti-inflammatory ingredients that prevent the progress of illness and helps in speedy recovery.

  • Do you have a family member or a co-worker down with the flu ?
  • Are you feeling feverish
  • Are you anticipating the onset of a cold ?

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Author: Hari Narayanan is an entrepreneur bringing solutions from Ayurveda for the management of chronic illness such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Hypertension and Migraine. Our products are prescribed by physicians in Chennai.
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