Get rid of the smell under your kitchen sink

Have you noticed an odour from the cabinets where the kitchen sink is ?

It is usually a mystery what causes these smells. One explanation is the moisture combining with any gases leaking from your drain hole / drain pipe. The problem is compounded if you also have garbage disposal in the same area.

Your kitchen waste is all organic matter and the combination of moisture with decomposing waste produces gases that you smell. The persistent food smells in the cabinet under your kitchen sink is also a magnet for ants and cockroaches.

The most common fix people try for this problem is to spray a room freshener. This is usually a very short term solution. The smells return after the effects of the perfume spray wear off and you are left with a new combination odour of the original smells and residual perfume. Using a aerosol spray in your kitchen is also risky as the solvents / propellents in them are fire hazards.

Odo-Rite is the solution you are looking for. Odo-Rite is a microbiology formulation that gets rid of the smells from the area under your kitchen sink and many other places in your home. Odo-Rite is natural, chemical free, water based and eco-friendly.

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Numerous homes have already benefited from the odour busting capability of Odo-Rite.

What is Odo-Rite ?

· Fast acting, instant odour eliminator

· Formulated using microbiology to fight the toughest odours.

· Odo-Rite eliminates the smell, unlike perfume sprays that mask it

· Uses nanotechnology to lift the pleasant fragrance and make it last long

· Reduces malodours on carpet, hard surfaces and works as a room spray

· Effective on odours from urine, sweat, vomit, blood and food

· Effectively controls odours in smelly fabric, including disposed diapers

· Spray on surface to remove odor at source and keep the air fresh

· ODO-RITE is colour less with a fresh scent

· ODO-RITE is ready to use. No preparation required

· Cost Effective: Available in 200ml and 5 litre packing

· A quality product that is Made in India

· A Product from Ram-Nath — an enterprise backed by 7 decades of reliability

Odo-Rite is available in supermarkets around Chennai, Hyderabadand online.
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