We humans are far more ahead of what we think, what we hear and what we see. We are technogically advancing, strong enough to unravel the entangled mess of the nature, go beyond the supernatural in a single switch. We are abnormally moving forward with these mighty powers to a dangerous, unhumanitarian, unlivable period of our life -The future. I’m afraid to say that we

homosapians are “self-retardants”

one side we develop new fantasies, we peep into the fabric of the cosmos, create realistic robots but on the other side we are losing our humanity, unaware of the fact that we are the only one blessed with it. Right from Nirbhaya who was kidnapped and gang raped in 2012 to the relentless shooting occuring in the border between the same species, we can obtain hundreds of such inhuman acts in the single newspaper of a day.

As the days passed fights have been transferred to web, a powerful monosyllable. A single line of a celebrity trends for a couple of days in twitter, abusive comments are showered with likes and replies, movie posters, promotions, uffff But we citizens can scroll the news feed for the whole night but can’t rise a single question against the doings the corrupted politicians. Because we lost our empathy to realise the pains of the people so you can stand for them.

All these are the poisons that we spelled upon ourselves and the injustice we do to this world.

~Ashwin @chilledwriter