“The first real grip I ever got on things is when I learned the art of pedaling.”

Photo by Carl Nenzen Loven on Unsplash

“You’re moving through a wonderful natural environment and working on balance, timing, depth perception, judgment . . . It forms kind of a ballet.”

One of the biggest appeals of cycling to me, apart from getting me from one place to another, is how much it made me aware of my surroundings. …

Bias within AI and how to address it in Urban farming.

A still from the movie Sabotage (1936)

Computers are an extension of ourselves. Therefore, it is only natural that they inherit our innate nature of bias. Humans developed bias as a means of survival which is present even today unconsciously. They tend to define our lives, our decisions and the way we exist. Bias is a real Achilles’ heel in AI.

Borrowed from Carleton Accessibility

“The time required to test an idea should be zero”- Benjamin Wilkins

Role:Design researcher

We all have seen what happens when design is completely taken over by AI by the downfall of The Grid. Leave website and application design to us User Experience experts! I don’t see AI replacing UX designers… YET! Design is a complex process that requires a human mind, sensitivity and empathy for other users. But there definitely are stages in design that requires repetition. That is when AI comes into picture to help the designers with the dog-work instead of completely replacing them. …

Joi and K from Blade Runner 2049

What does the future hold for us?


Artificial intelligence is all around us, in the emails we send, in the social media sites we visit, in the nascent self-driving cars, even in the word document I am writing in right now. We have come a long way from its inception in 1956 to beating the smartest Go player in 2016. Computers are now not just tools that help us add numbers but are now capable of analytical and higher-level abstract thinking which was previously only seen in humans.


Most of my ideas of the future are borrowed or formed by…

Harika Bommu

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