First story ever (in Medium tho)

Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.

William James, The Will to Believe and Other Essays in Popular Philosophy

Hello! Welcome to my first ever proper piece. This time i’m going to tell a story about a visit that touched me.

It was last week, my mom asked me to come along with her. When i aksed, she told me that she’s going to meet her childhood friend that she haven’t seen in years (since they graduated from elementary school in Pontianak, West Borneo). After graduation, my mom moved to Bandung and her friend stayed in Pontianak, she still lives there but she’s currently staying in Jakarta.

Her name is tante Wahdah,

she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she’s currently staying in Jakarta for chemoteraphy.

When my mom told me about it, i was a little bit shook, it should be hard for her to hear that news but still, she didn’t show any frown. So i came along with her to the place where tante Wahdah is staying at. The guest house is located in front of the hospital (where she took the chemo). It is actually a very old building and not a really good one.

We finally found the room. We were welcomed by tante Wahdah and also her husband. As i was sitting, i look around the room, it’s rusty, i felt like she didn’t deserve to stay at that place, but she was happy to so there’s no reason for me to feel that way.

This is us, me on the left, my mom is beside me, tante Wahdah is the lady in pink clothing, and on the most right is her husband.

My mom and her started to talk about their past, what happened after they got separated by distance. Tante Wahdah continued her study at an islamic school and afterwards she was in the islamic teacher school, she eventually became an islamic teacher from there until now, but she’s been absent for three months because of her illness. She told us that being a teacher is so beautiful, and she loves every minute of it. She also said that her students are very kind and sweet, they also gave her moral support even though they cannot be in her side every minute. She also believe that being a teacher is the best thing in her world.

She also talked about her treatment, how the chemo drugs are so strong and they made her veins turn to black, and also how she’s been having diarrhea ever since the treatment. But the most fascinating thing about her is that she’s a very strong woman, she has a strong faith in God. She believes that this is a test for her and in order to pass, she has to be strong each day.

My mom asked her why did she go a long way just to be treated. She said that in Pontianak, the treatment for cancer is not as developed as in Jakarta, the doctors there aren’t that many, especially for oncologists. She believes by going to Jakarta, she will be treated better than in Pontianak. She’s also hoping for more doctors in Pontianak and advised me to work there (because my mom mentioned that i want to be an oncologist to her, amen).

I just heard today that she haven’t gone through the chemo last week because of her leukocytes level, let’s pray together for her to get better soon.

After we said goodbye, i felt like i just did a visit to a patient, even though i didn’t. I learned to emphasize, care, and listen to other people. I learned we have to be more grateful of what we already have because not all of the people are granted with good health or good living condition, go live your life to the fullest before you don’t have those anymore. And the most important thing, have faith in everything, in God, in the medicine, and more importantly, in yourself.

This post is dedicated to tante Wahdah and also all the cancer fighters out there, thank you for the lessons that you brought, and good luck with kicking cancer in the butt!