Financing suicide on friend’s request

You will end up with so manu irritating calls for house loans or personal loans in india as electronic revolution is happening . Even it may help somebody who is in need of it as a ray of hope .

In changing environment , people will come up with plans or schemes for survival or for read and buttor for their loving family.I hope they may not the person if he/she is unable to get something for bread and butter .

I have friend who is very peculer guy . Every of other frinends will hate him but he enjoy life like that without worry about anything .My other friends used to warn me about my things with him , be careful . I don’t take other persons words if necessary. Because he might has different scenaros where other person might have behaved at that point of time situation

One day my friend broght a proposal that i have to promise that i need/must have help him .So i told him i can’t promise if i can’t handle anything what you ask . Then without promise he ready to disclose it because i assured him that i will help him if there is possiblity to help . There he gave proposal that he had debt where he father can’t replay which has taken his education sake , so i want to repay debt by opting suicide in non-loss to me format . He told i need to invest some money for insurence and pay installments for some time , so he can go for suicide where insurence money will clear his debts like that . i can’t remember it where it happend in 2001 .

I understad situation and told him that if he can do what i say to him as slave as he getting financed his suicide from me . He accepted for it . He said time for suicide is around 3 month from now . So i told him that his life is mine now so i can play with whatever i want .He accepted for it honestly . Then i told him that restart reading books what he is reading for job purpose without leaving or assuming any single word . i told without worry about what is happenng next to him he has to study . As per my words he stand . I arranged couple of interviews with couple of ffriends as reharsal . Then after 18 days of preparation , on 22nd days , he got a job . After that he forgot me itself and sucide what he promised after 3 months . I think he has due to me as debt “ suicide” .

Now he is having uxurious car and life to show other but forgot me itself who financed his suicide . what can we do