Why Suicide gives Pleasant Happiness

A story of person who went for suicide .But stopped by remote childrens

I have curious to write story of person who has choosen suicide as last option.But hesitate tell this my blog as it may make people fun out of it and want to hide as much as possible .so i am writing story here .

I am one of top cream of professionals who ha studied after so many people with state rank and completed professinal course with exceptional skills where everyone dream of me doing or helping things to so many co-students .In industry also reached above management ladder with 3Xx of package my classmates or industry peers .

I got into problem when i marry a person out of pity to unmatured mentality person .it leads to me jail for few months and spends lot of money to courts where i unable to be a servant husband to her where she put I by exploiting indian laws.I am able to recover from it professioanl in 6 months but lost life of 10 years plus which i feel a big loss in my life than money .

Then i am going well with profession. One of company offered unimaginable positon to lead group from that company . I am very fortunate and joined in that company . Then i know it lost business opportunity and client itself where i end up not working officilly but getting salary . then i joined very good company where that company of my group itself lay offed . During that i bought house with house loan and when i got layoff , unable to pay . Then i joind one more company with good package where i was suppose thrown out by using me to build organization where i got a rewards and awards for exceptional performance .i don’t konow reason but i came to know that it is intrnal politics and fight aginest management when they follow partiality based policies .

Then i felt it is time to start my own .and started and went well into profit making mode where my mother thinks iwas getting cheated by supportive staff where she got control and spoiled the organization . my little startup went to failure . then i start one more , due to funding it went well for few months and close. Then i started one more which went well for 6 months where it is closed due to bad partners where ego plays imporatant role .

Then one of my friend offered a job where i worked for 1.1/ 6 years got layoffed due to my family reasons where my wife unable to send . During startup time , i don’t have any income but spending . so my financial are good but taken persoanl loan thinkig that i will get one more job . When i lost job due to my wife inability to manage house , i proposed to another girl who can help me but got angry for proposal itself . So she asked my apartent itself . M mother and wife had verbal fight where my elopped to her house with children. i shifted luggage to my home.

My scenario is 1. i don’t have job 2.my wife went to her home with fighting with my mom 3. unable to pay emi due to lack of job 4.health problm with stroke 5. my mother mistrust on me how i managed my financials 6.My friends who are supposed pay money are not paying after i helped then from death kind of situations7. i am suppose get some thing from govt where it is not coming . 8. my father health is not good and ready for final journey anytime 9. I have taken some money as debt is taken bank person as EMI . 10.My uncles are supporting .11.sisters in big problem These are my scenarios where i felt leaving this many solve problem to go hell and i am going to heaven is best option . I thought of it . It gave me immence pleasure of this stupid problems. these problem are created by men , they don’t know after i leaving they know or learn it or not . my mother will not understand as other person as person is out of scope . there is my wifes fight with silly reasons with my mom . These things make me feel the pleasure of happiness of going to suicide . It gave me relief from this many problem where we can see three or four problem in a movie .

Still i have problem .But leaving everything to go god.let it happen whatever happens .I need to support my children who are with me now.They need me and i need them because we love each other without any expectatins .

So i am living for that day ,when hope will rise with good day light will come to my life .

Thank you ..