Day 19: RESTful API in Java with JAX-RS Framework

Harini Janakiraman
Jun 1, 2016 · 2 min read


It’s first of the month, so re-kickstarting the challenge with freshness after a brief break . Let’s jump right into some coding action!

Project (1 hour): Build a RESTful service using JAX-RS the JAVA API for RESTful Web Services that will service user information.

All the code for this project can be found on my github

Step 1: Installation

  • Download the latest version of JAX-RS from here.
  • Assuming you have Eclipse already installed, setup tomcat webserver using the instructions here.

Step 2: Create project

  • Create a new “Dynamic Web Project” in Eclipse, I created “RESTResourceServer”
  • Add the downloaded JAX-RS jars (from /api, /ext, /lib) into “WEB-INF/lib” directory in the project.
  • Add these jars from WEB-INF/lib into the library build path of the project by selecting “Add Jar”
  • Create a package in your project, here we create “com.resourceserver”
  • Create the following three classes, and

Note: We setup the web service using @Path annotation to UserService. Also we use the same annotation to set it to a method for UserService.

  • Create Web.xml (available in github repo link above).

Step 3: Deploy the app

  • Export the project as a “war” file and place it under webapps directory where tomcat server is installed.
  • Start the web server using tomcat

Step 4: Submit request to RESTful app

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Day 19 of #100DaysOfCode DONE

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