Most of us out there are fascinated by the terms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. How many of us have actually done something practical with these technologies?

There are numerous applications, cat/dog classifiers, face recognition, etc. Do we have a clear idea as to where this is…

Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), and topic classification to reach 88% accuracy for news articles.

The following work is part of a project with the award-winning Red Dot Foundation and Omdena’s collaborative platform to build solutions to better understand domestic violence and online harassment trends during COVID-19.

1. Data collection: Newspaper articles

We worked on ‘English’ only articles using title keywords: ‘domestic violence (DV)’, ‘sexual assault’, ‘rape’, ‘molest’, ‘molestation’, ‘women’…

How to create NumPy arrays from scratch? - Towards Data Science

Over the variety of packages available in python, NumPy and Pandas are the most popular ones when we deal with high dataset files.

Numpy is mainly used in the domain when we work with arrays and vectorization. We will look into a few functions of NumPy as follows. …

When we jump into action for AI projects, predominantly taking ML Algorithms into consideration, a line of confusion arises in the sophomore’s mind about which language do we use?

Before the debate between Python and R begins, has anyone thought why C++, C, Java weren’t invited to the debate? The…

While the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Traditional Coding have different purposes, there is always an ongoing debate unresolved that in a world of coding, AI is not required.

Let us dive into a few examples proving that Coding and AI co-exist and are incomparable:

  1. Maps: While we use popular…

Every Data Science or AI enthusiast at the beginning of his career would have been bewildered about the dissimilarity between the terms Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Do they mean the same? No, but they agree on the same revolution, evolving computers into human brains.

Artificial Intelligence is…

The very first question which explodes in every person’s mind about AI is “Is AI going against humanity, is it a threat to the human world?” To answer this question unbiased, like every coin has two sides, it is evident that AI too can have its own advantages and disadvantages…

Innovate with the innovation of human

Thanks to John McCarthy

A Rational Prediction has an explanation based on theory. — Anonymous

What is artificial intelligence? Why is everyone talking about it? What’s so extraordinary in it that from startups to tech giants are making progress in this field? Numerous questions in mind popping about artificial intelligence?

How does mankind differ…

Harini Suresh

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Solving real-world problems and making humans lives easier with AI be the future!

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