GSoC-Condition List Week 1

Haripriya Reddy
Jun 2 · 2 min read

GSoC Week 1 came to an end within the blink of an eye

Accomplishments so far

Saving Condition-

Fixed a bug that caused an error while saving condition.Users can now create a condition and save it. The saved conditions are displayed in the manage conditions tab and is stored in the database

Display End Date in Inactive Condition tab-

The date when the status of a condition is changed from active to inactive, is the end date of the condition. When a condition is marked as inactive, the current date is fetched and displayed in the End Date column of Inactive condition tab.

Fixing Labels-

Made minor changes to fix the spelling of labels like Onset date. Onset date was previously spelled as On Set Date.

Editing Conditions

This feature is to enable a user to make changes to an existing condition. On pressing the pencil icon in the actions column of Manage Conditions page, we would be redirected to another page where changes can be made and edited condition can be saved. So far, I built the UI for editing conditions but functionality is yet to be added. I hope to complete it this week.

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