GSoC Condition List Week 2

Haripriya Reddy

Being able to Edit a Condition is an important feature as it reduces the effort of creating a new one and deleting the old one. I spent the entire week working on the Edit Condition feature. I spent most of the time reading the wiki pages and going through a few resources on internet which helped me to understand the code base and to save conditions to the database.

Work Done:

  1. Built the UI for editing conditions.
  2. Retrieved data to be edited by passing data from one page to another through the URL and post methods.
  3. Understanding of a Concept to be able to retrieve data from URL and displaying it in respective fields by extracting data from JSON .
  4. Providing functionality to overwrite past data with new data.
  5. Storing of Edited Conditions to database.
  6. Changing fields to be edited when Condition is switched between active and inactive status.

Active Conditions

On clicking the edit button
Changing of condition name
On saving the changed condition

Inactive Conditions

On clicking edit button in inactive conditions tab
After changing the onset date and saving the condition

Next Steps:

  1. I’m encountering continuous errors while editing End Date. I would hence fix the errors and add the functionality of being able to edit conditions.
  2. Start working on the next objective of being able to extend encounter transactions to include conditions during save.
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