GSoC Condition List Week 4

Haripriya Reddy
Jun 23 · 2 min read

Most of my time this week was devoted to exploring openmrs-module-reporting, openmrs-module-mirebalaisreports , openmrs-module-ugandaemr-reports and going through resources for generating reports, for the implementation of data export feature. Apart from this I made the following progress:

Confirmation message while deleting a condition

When we try to delete a condition in Manage Conditions, it strikes out the condition, which may not convey proper meaning to most of the users. In order to enhance this, we thought it would be better to display a pop up to confirm the deletion of condition. The user can click OK to confirm deletion.

On clicking delete icon next to Meningitis
Result when user clicks on OK
Result when user clicks on Cancel

Making condition name unchangeable during edit

In reference to the talk- , it was suggested that making the condition name unchangeable is advisable.

Editing active conditions
Editing inactive conditions

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