Journey with GSoC 2019 so far…

Haripriya Reddy
May 24, 2019 · 3 min read

How I got acquainted with GSoC and OpenMRS

I got to know about GSoC through my faculty in college. I wasn’t really sure how good I was to participate in GSoC, nevertheless thought of giving it a shot. I started to explore about GSoC and its organisations in the month of January and thought OpenMRS to be a platform that would best suit my ideas. I was motivated to contribute to OpenMRS for its motto — “Write Code. Save Lives”. I have never felt lost at any point while working for this community.Whenever I was stuck, I found help and guidance at every nook and corner in the forum. This is the first time I am contributing to an open source organisation and I have never thought this would be so engaging and delightful.

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GSoC Selection

The journey begins with understanding the code base of the organisation you choose. Contributing to the organisation is the key aspect of this program. Students interested initially have to fix bugs on the platform and give suggestions by making code reviews. Once the project list is out, students can select the project that interest’s them and seek help from their respective mentors in understanding the project idea. Students willing to participate should submit a proposal containing details on-

After the submission of the application, students can continue to contribute till the results are out, after which the selected student’s can refine the design and idea of their project by communicating with their mentors.

My Project (Condition List)

Condition list is a list of diagnoses, symptoms, or findings that are being tracked over time (i.e. across encounters). This project is an extension of Bahmni project. The basic framework of the condition list project has already been completed but there is a lot of scope for improvement before the project can be deployed for production. The main objective of this project proposal is, to replenish the project, fix bugs and engage more functionality to it for better user experience.

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Link to my project Wiki page-

Tasks accomplished so far

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3. Added labels to the Condition and Onset date fields in the Add new Condition page.

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Next steps

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