Faster R-CNN is an object detection architecture presented by Ross Girshick, Shaoqing Ren, Kaiming He and Jian Sun in 2015, and is one of the famous object detection architectures that uses convolution neural networks.It detects and classifies objects in an image as shown below:

Before diving into Faster R-CNN let’s learn about R-CNN, Fast R-CNN and RPN which are the building blocks for Faster R-CNN.


R-CNN is one among the first architectures used for object detection.In R-CNN we first try to construct different proposed regions. …

I’m continuing work on my previous PRs. The Coveralls issue on one of the PR has been fixed and is ready to get merged. One of the two PRs for edit conditions got merged. The coreapps has started to become bulky because of which it’s giving travis build failure, so is the case with this PR. As soon as the travis error gets fixed the PR would be merged.

There are a few bugs while exporting concepts from the cohort builder OWA. I’m trying to communicate with people who know better about this code but haven’t received any response yet…

Primary Mentor: Daniel Kayiwa

Backup Mentor: Ellen Ball

Student: Darjilla Haripriya Reddy

Project Link:


Condition list is a used to track diagnoses, symptoms, or findings that are across various encounters. The basic framework of the condition list project has already been completed but there is a lot of scope for improvement before the project can be deployed for production. The main objective of this project is, to replenish the project, fix bugs and engage more functionality to it for better user experience.


  1. Fix error while saving condition- PR1 , PR2 , PR3 (Completed)
  2. Onset date entry should allow past…

Now the main task is to fix the previous PR’s so that they get merged. This week has been quite productive and got few PR’s merged. I spent time fixing the bugs which appeared while displaying icons.The changes made to uicommons for new icons, are not working on PIH distribution. I’m trying to figure out what’s causing the issue but no success yet. I had to test if edit conditions feature is working on different distributions, which was successful but kind of time consuming, I hope it gets merged soon. I also made a few changes to Cohort Builder.

I fixed a bug reported by my mentor, where in user was not able to delete conditions from patient page. Here is the PR:

Condition can be deleted directly from patient page by clicking on ‘x’ icon

I added documentation for Condition List to:

This week seemed to be quite productive. I seemed to figure out things with OWA. I also worked on of my previous PR’s, a few of which got merged and fixed the error which popped up while trying to display all font awesome icons.

Accomplishments this week :

  1. RA-1616: Replace plus minus icons with labels : Currently in OpenMRS we have plus and minus icons to switch the status of a condition, which doesn’t really convey proper meaning. So it was suggested to have ‘Set Active’ and ‘Set Inactive’ buttons instead of plus-minus icons. PR:

Progress this week has been a bit slow. My system crashed so it took time to setup the environment all over again. I explored how Restful get and post services were defined and being used in EMR API. I fixed one of my previous PR: Edit condition, here are the PR links: , .

I made a video for my Mid Term Presentation showing my progress so far.

I wasn’t able to devote much time to OpenMRS this week due to some personal issues. Nevertheless I made the following progress.

  1. Upgraded Font awesome from 3 to latest version (5.9.0) for uicommons and added code to display them on PR:
  2. Changed description of ‘x’ button in Manage Conditions from coreapps.coreapps.delete to Delete. PR:
  3. Added checks for onset date in in TRUNK. PR:
  4. Added french translations for strings in coreapps to Transifex.
  5. Did some read up on OpenMRS OWA.
  6. Currently the Edit Conditions is using GET to transfer data from one page to another. I was suggested to use POST instead of GET but I have been encountering lots of errors while doing so. I hope to complete this soon. PR:


  1. Errors while implementing post for edit conditions
  2. Setting up PIH server

This week has been quite productive. All this time I was really confused where and how, export for condition list could be implemented , but now it seems like the puzzle has started to get solved . It was decided that export functionality would be implemented as a part of openmrs-owa-cohortbuilder . We decided to start of by having a basic architecture and build on it as we progress. Being new to owa, Its being a bit challenging to figure out things and how they are working under the hood.

Apart from this I started to work on translating coreapps…

This week I went through a few wiki pages to get a better understanding of codebase. I worked on a few past issues for it to get merged. The tickets included — RA-1597: End Date validation for conditions , RA-1604: Confirmation before deleting a condition, RA-1591: Cosmetic tweaks for Manage Condition UI, RA-1486: Conditions should be limited to diagnoses, findings, etc. Also Implemented the functionality to limit values of conditions through global property and fixed the error while saving a condition.


I have been finding trouble setting up the PIH EMR for the deployment of reports. I have been getting the following error.

I spent my time reading a few wiki pages on writing reports. I tried to explore how font-awesome could be upgraded to the latest version. I wasn’t able to figure out from where font awesome was being loaded into modules.I explored the .css files and the files being imported into gsp for clues. I explored coreapps, uicommons , referenceapplication, appui and uiframework modules to track if fontawesome was being loaded from there.

I made the following UI changes:

  1. Changed the alignment of radio buttons :

2. Renamed tabs :

Haripriya Reddy

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