India is meant for more number of populations so this obviously leads to increase in the number of vehicles. Most of the Indian people depend on road travel for the daily transport. There are number of national highways constructed by the government for easy reach. Since there were number of roads built and being built, people feel bus transport and other type of road transport is easy and less expensive. In some cases, due to many reasons some roads are not properly maintained. In the following paragraphs let us discuss some advantages and disadvantages of road transport system in India.
Pros of road transport system:
Less cost: compared to other means of transport, road transport in India is inexpensive. Either bus or other personal vehicles, it is very inexpensive. It suits all class of people and people can choose the vehicles accordingly.
Easy hire: vehicles in road transport can be easily hired whereas in other means this facility is not possible. The whole vehicle can be taken as a rental for the personal use.
Easy repair: if the bus, car or two wheelers has undergone sudden damage, it can be repaired with ease with the help of some mechanical shop nearby or other vehicles can be hired through a phone call. Thus, stress and waste of time can be reduced.
Quick emergency: accidents are happening in all means of transport. Lives of people can be saved if quick emergency is provided. this is possible through road transport. Loss of lives can be reduced by the help of emergency ambulance and number of hospitals nearby.
Travel anywhere: through road transport every nook and corner of the area can be targeted and reached. It has number of stops so destination can be reached without any struggle. Travelling into urban areas and hilly areas can be made possible through road transport.
Cons of road transport system:
Improper roads: in India many roads are not proper and many roads are worn out and improperly maintained. This causes difficulty in driving and sometimes it way leads to damage to both vehicles and humans.
More obstacles: strikes and bands are more frequent in India. The first thing to get affected is road transport. This news is sometimes announced and sometimes not announced. This leads to delay in reaching the destination point and cause unwanted stress to the public.
More signals: this was problem faced by more metropolitan city people. To control the traffic, more signals are implemented. So people are wasting most of the times by waiting in signals.
Crowded vehicles: in India, morning 8.00am to 9.00am and evening 5.00pm to 6.00pm is considered as peak hour. Travelling during this time is a great challenge. Because there will be number of vehicles rushing to reach the destination. This sometimes put us into stress. These are some of the points about road transport in India. To experience pleasant and peaceful road transport please do contact which is one of the best travel agencies in India providing online bus ticket booking method to increase the comfort level of your travel.