What happens today during the APC presidential primaries is the evident that Nigerians are eager for change. Despite all the promises, the motivation and thousands of dollars that were showered on the delegates by some of the APC presidential aspirants, and yet, the result remains the same.
The indefinable Buhari holds the victory with outstanding votes. I’m impressed, highly impressed.
The man Buhari said it all; he had no money to offer them (the delegates) because he believes that the faith of Nigeria is not for sale, and that he is not ready to buy anyone. This is quite a threat to corruption which has been a trauma for the country since from inception. It is known to everyone that, corruption remains a factor that keep jamming the country on it route to success.
Looking at the situation in Nigeria, having bribe any delegate and still comes out with such result, it is clear that Nigerians are finally beginning to rise against their time-worm problem ‘corruption’, kudos to the entire delegates who made this bold step in deciding the future of our great nation.
I have never been a fan of Buhari for personal reason, but I accept defeat and I heartily congratulate him as well. And today, I realise that doubting him in the first place was a mistake, and it was precisely because I have never experience his governance. Through this event; I foresee a new beginning for Nigeria, desperation for change, a swap of power and a shield for the poor and helpless masses.
All I pray for Nigeria is peace, coherence, tranquillity and equality among Nigerians, thus I believe we can only achieve through just and promotion of fair election and through Muhammadu Buhari (I guess). Today, he proved to Nigerians that if voted in to office, they will taste democracy, liberty and peace which have been long absent in the country.
Believe me; if we are to drastically elect leaders as it betides during the APC primary elections, Nigeria could have been in the forefront or among the most civilised countries in Africa. And if democracy is legitimately practised, we could have never been in such a chaos today.
As we all know, General Muhammad Buhari is the pioneer of APC, a cynic and the capital opposition of the incumbent party since 2003. This MAN must have something big to offer Nigeria, and I believe that this is high time for every patriot to consider voting him in the 2015 coming election. We shall give our massive support for massive development. As I always say, ‘Democracy is when leaders who can’t protect their people gave way to those who can’.

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