My 8-Day Water Fast Experience

Words: Haris Babic

Fast Started: 02/23/2017 at 5:00pm — Fast Ended: 03/3/2017 at 9:00am

To keep this nice and short, I won’t go into a day by day brake down, but if you have questions, let me know in the comments. Also, I do not wish to encourage anyone to fast, but I would feel selfish if I don’t share the benefits I’ve received from my fasting experience.

Why did I fast?

I was inspired by my brother Mirza and I became curious — How my body works? And how food and nutrition affect it? The other reason was an attempt to reset physically and spiritually.

I thought about the procedure of a food allergy test, and how I can mimic that procedure to understand how my body tics. The procedure is pretty simple; the blood is collected and distributed into dozens of smaller samples. Then, different allergens (such as pollen or food) are added to each blood sample to determine the results. I decided to go back to zero in order to start understanding my core vibrational patterns, in other words, learning to work with my body instead of against it.

Life is so much faster today; everything and everyone is so busy. The clutter factor is everywhere and is quite overwhelming. Our bodies defense is to develop ways to numb out clutter in order to continue to function. The same stands true with our digestive system. I can say that I have never seen the other side of eating, because I’ve simply always eaten. Decluttering my body from food became my motivation.

I came in knowing three things: I’ve done juice fasts before with longest being 5 days, I know that lot’s of people water fast regularly, and also we’re living in a world where breatharians are alive and well.

Gave up coffee about 6 years ago for the first time, because I became aware that I was addicted. I was in pain for 14-days, so I made a decision to challenge every addiction I became aware of going forward. I now have periods of drinking coffee and periods when I don’t drink. Once I conquered the addiction, I never became addicted again. You might say that I took the saying “all things seem hard until they become easy”, and applied it to the act of detaching from food.

We are vibrational beings, and each being carries its own vibration making us all unique. What we decide to place inside of our bodies affects our vibration, and the knowing of how we’re affected and from what is unbelievably powerful.

I discovered that the body heals itself cyclicly, and the healing is dealt with by priority. To get to the less harmful lower level priorities, our body needs to conclude major tasks like food brake down. In short, our bodies are working 24-hours a day, and usually it never gets to the lower level tasks, because digestion becomes a never ending process if we eat 2–4 times a day. That’s why sometimes when we get the flu or feel ill, we might reject food or have a really hard time eating anything. It is actually our bodies way of letting us know that it is switching priorities and digesting food is less desirable than dealing with the virus. So in our minds, we just sort of feel like crap and can’t bare the thought of eating anything, but it’s bigger than that.

(Some of the) Benefits I Experienced

Mental Benefits

— Increased mental clarity and focus
 — Visualization (ability to hold images more clearly in my mind with focus longer)
 — Strengthened willpower (mental advantage on food and fear of hunger is gone)
 — More grateful and joyful
 — New sense of peace

Physical Benefits

— Physical healing and rejuvenation 
 — Brighter eyes
 — Noticeably clearer and smoother skin (dandruff from 100% to 5%)
 — Loss in fat (especially the stubborn kind)
 — Any teeth discoloration or yellow spots gone 
 — Subtle swellings around the eye are gone
 — Receptivity (improved senses or my abilities to use my senses are now greater)
 — Increased energy


This is an entire new experience in life for me, and the benefits are describable, but the feeling of being in the experience is indescribable. My recovery was incredibly quick, but I was careful about my re-feeding process and mindful when eating. A fast like this is something I will shoot to do maybe once every 6-months or so.

If I were to give my most well intended advice, that would be to never stop believing in something more. Never let something you learned yesterday, define your belief system today. Timing in life is really important, and heightening your vibration will surely bring awareness when awareness is exactly what’s needed. Our bodies are the most complex machines that we know, and they can help us understand how to get in touch with our true nature, how to understand our core vibrational patterns — the essence that makes us all unique. The body knows exactly how to take care of itself once we stop interfering with our vibration, and start working with it. Start to think in terms of understanding your vibration, and then going with the vibration and enhancing it deliberately.

Thank you Mirza Babic for being my inspiration, for being the incredible man that you are, and an amazing brother. And thank you mom Nermina Hecam for loving, caring, and supporting me always.

Love & Blessings