Order your Food with TinyOwl to get best quality at a decent price

A location based app, TinyOwl provides you the facility of ordering food from across different restaurants located in the city of your stay. The online food ordering app lets you order food in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bengaluru and here you can avail suitable discounts with every food order. The food ordering app is quite budget friendly and anyone who is availing the facility of food ordering for the first time can avail lucrative offer of TinyOwl first order free. The app lists mainly medium size and exclusive restaurants on its platform and it automatically configures the lists of restaurants on the app based on your location.

A perfect app for budget food — Online food ordering business in India is still an unexplored territory and there exists vast opportunities in this sector. TinyOwl which operates as a location based food ordering app helps you order food from restaurants that are rated highly and offer variety of dishes at economical prices.

With the food ordering app you can order your food from nearby restaurants of your location and expect expedite delivery for your order. Restaurants on the app are rated according to preferences and you can avail the facility of reviews as well about each restaurant to make a perfect choice. With best restaurants at its disposals, TinyOwl helps you order local as well as multi-cuisine at some attractive prices.

Order best food at cheap rates — The most rewarding aspect about TinyOwl is that it helps you order best food at cheap rates. With “TinyOwl offers today category with the app you get to avail deals where you can receive suitable discounts on your order on daily basis.

Different varieties of food restaurants like Chinese, Thai, Mughlai and Continental are listed with the app and you can avail according to your taste. You can look at the menu of each restaurant quite briefly and can opt for deals for food that are mouthwatering. To avail additional discounts on your food order you can take help of TinyOwl coupons for old users and experience rebates of up-to 20 to 25 %.

Expedite delivery for best experience — Online food ordering can prove quite a painstaking experience if the delivery is not made on time. TinyOwl is aware of the importance of swift delivery and it is the reason why company employs delivery guy in almost every popular area of its operation.

The online food ordering app promises to deliver your order in a less than an hour in any area of the city and this proves quite satisfactory. The best thing about online food order app is that delivery boys are extremely cordial and polite and makes sure that you do not face any hassle with delivery. Every order with the food ordering app is treated on priority basis and latest TinyOwl referral code can be used on such orders to get best discounts and achieve unmatched satisfaction.